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Matthias Heiler



Dr. Vera Heiler

Financial accounting


Claudia Heiler

Sales management, purchasing management, quality management, environmental management, safety management


Adnan Musa


Managing Director Matthias Heiler, Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH) defines goals

We ensure consistent quality and innovation. Our company stands for efficiency and sustainability, as can be seen in the company's long history. In the age of global networking, we rely on strong partnerships that stimulate international exchange.

Certified quality and environmental management

Zertifikat DIN ISO 9001 Zertifikat–Nummer: 06003

Zertifikat DIN ISO 14001, Zertifikat-Nummer: UMS11002

Labelling weltweiter Versand

Logistics: International transport routes and global communication

The Weber company offers worldwide service and shipping

Raimund Weber GmbH & Co. KG offers worldwide shipping and services. Established international transport solutions are just as much a matter of course as safe and smooth hazardous goods transport for all modes of transport. If necessary, engine-ers from Raimund Weber GmbH & Co. KG are also available on site to provide advice and help with acute problems.

The customer receives his goods intact, reliably and promptly. Even hazardous goods are transported safely. By road, rail, air or sea freight.

Satisfied customers worldwide

Raimund Weber GmbH & Co. KG now supplies and advises customers all over the world. The screen printing industry is globally networked and exchanges informati-on. Internationally established transport routes with strong logistics partners gua-rantee reliable shipping.

The Weber company history provides information about to-day's competence

First specialist wholesaler in the southern Bavarian region

Founded in 1954 by the Weber family, Raimund Weber GmbH & Co. KG is an innovative company in the alliance of sales and service partners. Through constant intensive market development, the company has been able to establish a firm position in the market as the first specialist wholesaler in southern Bavaria. In 1966, Weber took over sales and service for Wiederhold screen printing inks, later to become Coates Screen screen and pad printing inks from Wiederholdplatz, in southern Bavaria and also in what was then Yugoslavia. The market was now systematically built up with the then new screen printing inks from Wiederhold.

Development of new customers and business sectors

After Matthias Heiler took over in 1983, the company expanded at an above-average rate with the development of new customers and business areas in the field of screen and pad printing. Finally, in 1992, the company moved to new premises in Garching near Munich, on the Hochbrück industrial estate, in order to be able to meet the growing demands of customers in the future. At the same time, the political and economic collapse of the Eastern and South-Eastern European socialist countries and the resulting standstill of almost all economic activity meant that new plans had to be made for cultivating the markets.

Additional partners in Slovenia and Croatia

For this purpose, competent partners were found, first in Slovenia, then in Croatia, as branch offices, which are currently looking after the other countries of the former Yugoslavia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia. New branches are in preparation. Thus, the professional handling of these emerging markets is also ensured.

Completion of the products needed in the market

In addition to the Nuremberg screen and pad printing inks from Wiederholdplatz, the diverse product range includes Coatazol emulsions to complete the products required in the market, tensioning services with high-quality fabrics, state-of-the-art screen tensioning systems, aluminium frames from Hurtz, Remco-Chemie, screen and pad printing machines as well as all the necessary accessories for screen and pad printing.

Colour mixing service with C-MIX-COMP is introduced

Raimund Weber GmbH & Co. KG was one of the first to introduce the C-MIX-COMP colour mixing service in 1995, in addition to the existing product range. This allows special shades to be produced and delivered in almost any colour within a short time according to the individual wishes of the customer.

Management for the benefit of the client

In almost 50 years since the company was founded, Raimund Weber GmbH & Co. KG has acquired a high level of competence and flexibility through its long-standing employees and close cooperation with the manufacturing companies. The management attaches great importance to the fact that this competence is used exclusively for the benefit of the customers and for communication between customers and manufacturers. This ensures that any customer requirements and market trends are quickly taken up and rapidly translated into products and introduced into the market. This philosophy has brought about today's strong position in the market.

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