The range of screen printing inks

Our extensive ink depot enables us to meet all delivery requirements with the shortest delivery times. Special and custom ink mixtures are also available at any time and at short notice. Safety data sheets and technical data sheets on request.

A wide range of special inks for plastic and ID card printing can be provided at short notice and worldwide. We carry the entire range of screen printing inks from Coates Screen.

Spectacular printed products with effect inks

  • Thermochromic: Turns over with temperature change
  • Relief varnishes: raised print, e.g. for Braille
  • Anti-slip lacquers: For floor stickers
  • Anti-slip lacquer
  • Afterglow inks: E.g. for escape route signs
  • Fluorescent inks: Neon colours
  • Luminescent inks: Black light effect, e.g. for control functions, admission tickets
  • Mirror-Inks
  • Metal inks: Gold, silver
  • Etch imitation inks: Frosted glass effect
  • Blackboard colour: "Fresh roast pork today"
  • Tilt effect inks: Preferred in graphic applications

Screen printing inks and additives

Special inks for plastic and ID cards

Whether magnetic stripes or smart card technology: our special screen printing inks for plastic cards are used in highly critical application areas such as ID card printing.

In security printing, e.g. in brand protection, special ink mixtures are also in demand which, in addition to good looks and long durability, must provide tangible func-tions, such as the readability of product information by a laser.

Customers of Raimund Weber GmbH & Co. KG can of course rely on the sensitive handling of product specifications and the strictest secrecy.

The development of colours for highly specialised areas of application has made enormous progress in recent years. Application methods that were unthinkable just a few years ago are now common practice. High-tech and nanotechnology make it possible.

The range of special inks is based on the latest research and development. A large selection of special inks for plastic cards is of course also available for "normal" use.

Data and information sheets on our product range are available to our customers on request.

The use of UV inks protects the natural environment

UV-curing screen printing inks are suitable for printing on glass or metal. The use of these inks is also steadily increasing for other print media. Their advantage is obvious. They are solvent-free (100 % solids content) and therefore without emissions. Yes, and because they are not 2-component inks, there is less waste. The environmental aspect of these paints should not be underestimated.

For the printing process, UV inks offer the advantage that they do not dry on the screen. The print shop needs a dryer. If you have any questions about this technology and equipment, please contact us.

Screen printing accessories

  • Stencil material
  • Squeegee
  • Aluminium frame
  • Ink knife
  • Laboratory beaker
  • Additives for special applications
  • Cleaning paper
  • Hand cleaning and care products


Screen copy

  • Own coating with: Copying layer (water-, solvent-resistant, double-curing), film, capillary / photopolymer.
  • Thick film stencils

Exposure for max. size: A0

The secret of emulsion

We use emulsion and adhesives from SPT for every area and all materials. Just to name a few keywords: Frame adhesives, degreasers, stencil hardeners, screen decoaters, ghosting chemicals, accessories.

Hurtz quality

Screen printing frames in standard formats, for the electronics industry, for textile printing and the Hurtz Corner Lock System for large screen printing frames.

Die Rahmen von Hurtz sind immer speziell für den Kunden angefertigt nach:

  • Size
  • Print image & free space
  • Frame thickness
  • Frame profile (printing machine)
  • Special profile

Screen printing applications by industry and use

  • Graphic screen printing
  • Signs and scales, illuminated advertising
  • Identity cards
  • Labels
  • Packaging and body printing
  • Electronics
  • Industrial coating technology
  • Glass
  • Ceramics
  • Sporting goods
  • Other industrial products
  • Imprinted Sportswear
  • Textile fabrics

Pad printing closes the gap in applications

Whether it's a coconut or a microscopically small transistor: pad printing closes the gap of applications that are either impossible or very complex (and therefore expen-sive) to realise with conventional printing processes. Other printing processes such as screen printing, labelling or hot stamping can be usefully supplemented or even replaced by pad printing.

Please visit our partner company Tampo-Service GmbH

The pad printing process is a visionary printing technology

When it comes to pad printing inks, there is nothing that doesn't exist. The areas of application for tampon printing are almost limitless. Our application examples prove this. Indeed, visions of the future can be guessed from the permanent further development and requirement specifications. The creative sector as well as the tough industry set the standards here.

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